Upcycle our World Cycling Art Project

Inspired by beautiful and unique cycling jerseys I received from Kirsten Wild (multiple World-, European and Dutch champion track cycling) and Eva Lechner (multiple Italian champion cyclo cross and MTB) for the artwork I made for them I created a new project. It’s called: Upcycle our World cycling art project.

The purpose of this project is inspiring cyclists I like by giving them a unique cycling artwork from me and inspiring myself to great cycling artwork. The goal is to make a unique cyclingartwork for different cycling champions (road, track, cyclo-cross, MTB) all over the world in return of a nation champion jersey or a general classification jersey from for example Giro d’Italia , Tour de France or Vuelta de Espagna. So I create a global network with my cyclingartworks. With that jerseys I am going to make a unique and very colorfull cyclingart exhibition concluding the jerseys, personal stories and a lot of unique cycling art.

I thank you Kirsten Wild (NL), Eva Lechner (italia), Yves Lampaert (belgium), Chantal Blaak (NL), Lucinda Brand (NL), Katie Compton (USA) , Harrie Lavreysen (NL), Barabara Benko (Hungary), Bart Brentjens (NL), Yana Belomoina (Ukraine) , Anne Tauber (NL), Jeroen van Eck (NL), Lorena Wiebes (NL), Tom Dumoulin (NL), David Conroy (Ireland), Caroline Baur (Schweiz), Matthijs Buchli (NL) for your inspiration and donating a unique cycling jersey.

I hope many will follow so it will be a colorfull exhibition. An exhibition that will be great to inspire our youth to be creative and go and enjoy cycling.

If am specially interested in national champion jerseys of countries i visited myself:

Deutschland, Luxemburg, Danemark, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Slowakia, Czech republic, Roemenia, Austria, España, China, Argentina.

But i also fond of the design of Canada, South Africa, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. But maybe you are from a other country and are interested.

So if you are a National champion and are interested to participate in this unique cycling art project send me a email: cyclingartisthubert@gmail.com