Upcycle our World Cycling Art Project

Inspired by beautiful and unique cycling jerseys I received from Kirsten Wild (multiple World-, European and Dutch champion track cycling) and Eva Lechner (multiple Italian champion cyclo cross and MTB) for the artwork I made for them I created a new project. It’s called: Upcycle our World cycling art project.

The purpose of this project is inspiring cyclists I like by giving them a unique cycling artwork from me and inspiring myself to great cycling artwork. The goal is to make a unique cyclingartwork for different cycling champions (road, track, cyclo-cross, MTB) all over the world in return of a nation champion jersey or a general classification jersey from for example Giro d’Italia , Tour de France or Vuelta de Espagna. So I create a global network with my cyclingartworks. With that jerseys I am going to make a unique and very colorfull cyclingart exhibition concluding the jerseys, personal stories and a lot of unique cycling art.

I thank you Kirsten Wild, Eva Lechner, Yves Lampaert, Chantal Blaak, Lucinda Brand, Katie Compton, Harrie Lavreysen, Barabara Benko, Roy van den Berg, Bart Brentjens, Yana Belomoina, Anne Tauber, Jeroen van Eck, Lorena Wiebes, Tom Dumoulin, Matthijs Buchli, David Conroy for your inspiration and donating a unique cycling jersey.

I hope many will follow so it will be a colorfull exhibition. An exhibition that will be great to inspire our youth to be creative and go and enjoy cycling.

If am still looking for national champion jerseys of:

Deutschland, Luxemburg, Danemark, England, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Slowakia, Czech republic, Roemenia, Austria, Schweiz, España, Portugal, Canada, South Afrika, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand……

So if you are a National champion and are interested to participate in this unique cycling art project send me a email: cyclingartisthubert@gmail.com