Painting Roubaix 1996 (for Yves Lampaert)

I am very proud that Yves Lampaert from Deceunink Quickstep cyclingteam asked me to make a painting for him. As a joung boy he was a fan of Johan Museeuw. Yves liked to have a painting inspired of a cycling photo from Museeuw, Bortolami and Tafi of the famous Mapei cycling team during Paris-Roubaix in 1996. I have been watching this race also in 1996 and inspired by the photo and my own memories I created my abstract version of that race. The painting is 60*80 cm. In march 2022 I was able to present the painting to Yves Lampaert personally. That day I also went to the famous ***** secteur “Carrefour de l’arbre” with the painting to made a picture.