Schilderijen (Paintings)

Op deze pagina kunt u de schilderijen bekijken die ik gemaakt heb. Ik hou ervan om met behulp van oude fietsonderdelen te schilderen. Door met gebruikte onderdelen te schilderen creëer ik creaties met een verhaal. Als u interesse heeft om een creatie te kopen neem dan contact op via

At this page you can see the paintings i made. I like to paint with used bikeparts to create artwork with a story behind it. What kind of adventures has the old bikepart done? That’s what i like to put in the painting. If you are interested in buying a piece of art, please contact me at:

Below are pictures of most of the paintings i made.

Glow in the dark paintings: I made several paintings with details that glow up in the dark. So i created day and night art.

Wielrenshirt schilderijen (cyclingjersey paintings): i also make paintings with old cycling jerseys, framed with old tires.

Remblok (Brake pad) pointillisme: I also like to paint by using old brake pads as a brush. The different designs of the brake pads create a very cool effect.

Several paintings are still for sale.