Steenbok, Ibex, Steinbock

I made this Ibex almost entirely of old bikeparts because I really love this animals and the mountains were they live. They are very good climbers and their horns are very impressive. The capricorn is also my constellation. I really love this animal! That’s why this artwork deserved a unique location to make a photoshoot. That’s why i took it with me when i went for a holiday to the Austrian Alps in the Oetztal region. I really love the way the designs of the old bikeparts fit together in the shape of the Animal. That’s the way i love to create new artworks, to use the original design and transform it to something new, something unique. That’s the way i want to Upcycle our World.

The size is: 23 cm long, 26 cm high and 15 cm wide. It’s for sale for 225,- euro.

When you are interested in buying this unique cyclingartwork sent me a e-mail at