Koers is religie (cycling Art is my religion)

I feel alone. Jesus why did you leave me?

These are difficult Times, that’s why i created a symbol of hope and inspiration for you all.

Adoration de Velo, Devotion de Velo. Koers is religie.

The big cross “velo saddles” is 144*104 cm. Made of used bicycle saddles. A artwork that knows what it’s feels to be on the bike. That lived a life on the bike. Imagine what stories are behind this creation.

The little cross “Alhonga” is 39*26 cm. Made of used V-brake arms.

I don’t believe in God but i like inspirational stories and working with symbols of hope and inspiration like this cross.

I am looking for a special location to make a cycling santuary where cyclists can light a candle for hope, strenght, inspiration or….?

Something to Upcycle our world!
A place like Madonna del Ghisallo (what would be a great place also for this artwork 😉, if somebody had connections let me know).
If someone has a good suggestion for such a place let me know.

Koers is religie Velo fietszadel kruis HUbert Decreatievelink van Soest
Kruis “Alhonga” Fietskunst HUbert Decreatievelink van Soest